Soy’s Closet, 8/28/12: Give Me a Ring!

If you saw my post on my new MARC BY MARC JACOBS #bling on Instagram, then you may know how much I #loooove my newest jewelry! Do you like the look? Leave a comment below!


Soyon An's LA fashion

top: H&M, collar piece: MARC BY MARC JACOBS, jeans: J Brand, ring set & heart ring: both MARC BY MARC JACOBS, black diamond ring: from TRAFFIC LA

Soyon An's LA fashion

Soyon An and MARC BY MARC JACOBS jewelry

Soyon LA fashion

1 comment to Soy’s Closet, 8/28/12: Give Me a Ring!

  • Micha

    omg i love the chain ring and the heart ring is super cute, so is the collar. lol i love it all. how much did they cost?

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