Back To Basics: Celebs & Their Levi’s

People love the classics, celebrities included. And is there a label more sewn into American culture than Levi’s? Halle Berry loves her 501®s, Rihanna loves her cut-offs, and Diane Kruger loves it all.

The label’s been around since 1873; that’s 139 years of #iconic denim design. I love/use the label, too; I was sure to style Chris Brown in Levi’s!

Gwen Stefani in Levi's Selvedge jeans
Miley Cyrus in boyfriend Levi's jeans

1 Current Levi’s denim styles, $46-$78 2 Gwen Stefani in “Selvedge” style Levi’s (Via) 3 Halle Berry (Via) 4 Rihanna in Levi’s cut-offs (Via) 5 Miley Cyrus (Via)

Diane Kruger in Levis'

Levi's vintage ad from 1979

Levi's advertisement

Rihanna in cut-off Levi's shorts

6 Diane Kruger 7 Vintage Levi’s ad from 1979 (Via) 8 Levi’s ad 9 Rihanna in Levi’s cut-offs (Via)

Olivier Martinez in Levi's jeans

Ryan Gosling in Levi's

Diane Kruger in Levi's cut-off shorts

10 Olivier Martinez (with Halle Berry) 11 Ryan Gosling in Levi’s 508 British Khaki 12 Diane Kruger in Levi’s shorts (Via)

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