Seriously Artful Makeup at China Fashion Week

Chinese makeup artist Mao Geping put on yet another #crazy colorful show during China Fashion Week last month. With products from his MGPIN collection, he created works of art using embellishments, flowers and trinkets. Talk about inspiration!

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POP! Limited Edition NARS Andy Warhol Collection

It’s bright. It’s pop-y. It’s shimmery. It’s bold. It’s totally Andy Warhol.

The limited edition 29-piece collection is available here, with more info over at Vogue.

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Trend: Vivid Pink Pouts

I #love that women are being more adventurous with makeup! And just as the runways are indicators of fashion trends, they are so of makeup too. Bold bright pink and fuchsia lips are everywhere from the runways to the red carpet. It’s a brave, #fierce look.

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