Embellished Collars

if you haven’t started shopping the trend already, embellished collars are #hot for fall (says me and Vogue magazine). So don’t miss out on some bling, whether sewn-on or detachable!

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Channel the ’90s w/ Ear Cuffs

Nineties style is in the air, and this time around #nostalgia begins at the ears.

Ear cuffs were on the runways during the Spring 2013 Collections, but they’re at your local mall for the bargain price of $7.50. Feeling nostalgic yet!?

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Tuxedo Jackets: On the Streets, Celebs & in Magazines

It’s no secret that women in tuxedos has been a #HOT trend. Let the trend continue, as its been seen on Rihanna, Beyonce, Gwyneth Paltrow and more. And scroll to the bottom for a special tuxedo shoe surprise!

Spill! Which is your favorite look??

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